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Imagine being married to one of the biggest names in basketball, traveling around the world, attending high-profile events, and living a lavish lifestyle. Anamaria Goltes is one such lucky woman who is married to Luka Doncic. She gained fame as the wife of the Slovenian basketball player who has made his mark in the NBA with his exceptional skills on the court.

Anamaria’s life has been transformed since she and Luka got together. She went from being a relatively unknown model in Slovenia to becoming a household name among sports fans worldwide. Her relationship with Luka has not only brought her fame but also opened up new avenues for her career and philanthropic efforts.

In this article, we will delve into Anamaria’s life, career, hobbies, and future plans as she navigates through being an NBA superstar’s wife while carving out her own path in the world.

Anamaria Goltes: Who is She?

Anamaria Goltes, a Slovenian model and former athlete, has gained attention as the girlfriend of NBA player Luka Doncic.

Born on January 13, 1998, in Slovenia, Anamaria’s personal life remains relatively private.

However, it is known that she was an accomplished athlete before transitioning to modeling full-time.

She competed in high jump events and won numerous medals at the national level during her teenage years.

Anamaria’s cultural background is rooted in Slovenia’s rich history and traditions.

The country has a strong sense of community and family values that are deeply ingrained in its people.

Despite her relationship with Luka Doncic thrusting her into the spotlight, Anamaria continues to maintain a low profile while pursuing her passions in modeling and fashion design.

Anamaria and Luka’s Relationship

The relationship between a well-known athlete and their partner often garners attention from the public, eliciting curiosity about their dynamics. Luka Doncic’s relationship with Anamaria Goltes is no exception.

As Luka continues to make waves in the NBA with his impressive basketball career, Anamaria’s family background adds another layer of intrigue to their partnership. Imagining them together, one can picture a young couple who are both driven to succeed in their respective fields, yet find solace and comfort in each other’s arms during moments of downtime.

It is clear that they share a deep connection, but beyond that, much remains unknown about how they navigate the challenges of being public figures while maintaining a strong bond behind closed doors.

Anamaria’s Career and Hobbies

Anamaria, the wife of Luka Doncic, has a successful modeling career that she pursues alongside her other interests and hobbies.

As a fitness enthusiast, Anamaria is passionate about promoting wellness and leading an active lifestyle.

In addition to modeling and fitness, she also has other interests and hobbies that showcase her diverse range of talents.

Modeling career

Luka Doncic’s wife has had a successful modeling career, captivating audiences with her striking features and impeccable style.

Anamaria’s modeling portfolio showcases her versatility as a model, displaying various looks that highlight her natural beauty and charm.

She has worked with several reputable fashion industry brands and has been featured in numerous magazines, runway shows, and editorials.

Her modeling skills have opened up many opportunities for her to travel the world and work with renowned photographers, makeup artists, and designers.

Through hard work and dedication to her craft, Anamaria continues to excel in the modeling industry while inspiring others to follow their passions.

Fitness and wellness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to many people, and Anamaria takes her fitness and wellness seriously. She believes in developing healthy habits that not only help her stay in shape but also help her maintain mental clarity.

Her workout routines are designed to challenge different parts of the body, from strength training to cardio exercises. To keep things interesting, she mixes up her workouts with activities such as yoga, hiking, and swimming.

Anamaria understands the importance of rest and recovery, which is why she makes sure to get enough sleep each night. She also practices mindfulness techniques like meditation and deep breathing exercises to reduce stress levels.

By prioritizing her fitness and wellness goals, Anamaria sets an example for others who aspire to live a healthier lifestyle.

Other interests and hobbies

Aside from her commitment to fitness and wellness, Anamaria has a variety of other interests and hobbies that she enjoys pursuing in her free time.

One of her main hobbies is cooking, as she loves experimenting with new recipes and creating delicious meals for herself and her loved ones. Additionally, Anamaria has a passion for travel and exploring different cultures around the world.

She particularly enjoys immersing herself in local cuisine and trying new dishes while on trips. In fact, Anamaria’s love for cooking often inspires her to try recreating some of these dishes once she returns home.

Overall, Anamaria’s diverse range of hobbies showcases her adventurous spirit and desire to explore new things both in the kitchen and beyond.

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Anamaria’s Fashion Sense

Anamaria’s fashion sense is nothing short of impeccable, as she consistently turns heads with her bold and daring wardrobe choices. Her style inspiration seems to come from a variety of sources, including high fashion runways, street style influencers, and vintage clothing boutiques.

She has a keen eye for color coordination and pairing unexpected pieces together in a way that creates a cohesive look. Anamaria’s fashion tips include experimenting with different textures and fabrics, accessorizing with statement jewelry or bags, and embracing bold prints and patterns.

Overall, her unique sense of style showcases her confidence and individuality, making her an inspiration for those looking to push the boundaries of traditional fashion norms.

Anamaria and Luka’s Philanthropic Efforts

Anamaria and Luka Doncic have been actively involved in various philanthropic causes, making charitable donations and advocating for social issues.

Their efforts include supporting organizations that help underprivileged children, promoting equality and justice for marginalized communities, and raising awareness about environmental sustainability.

Additionally, the couple has been actively engaged in community events and initiatives to create positive change and make a difference.

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Charitable donations

Charitable donations have been a notable aspect of Luka Doncic’s public image, with the basketball star and his family regularly contributing to various causes.

One of their charitable partnerships is with the Slovenian Red Cross, where they donated €273,000 to support humanitarian work in Slovenia.

They also contributed to the NBA Foundation’s social justice initiatives aimed at addressing racial inequality and advancing economic empowerment for Black communities.

In terms of impact measurement, Luka and his family have supported programs that provide access to education, healthcare services, and sports facilities for underprivileged children.

Their contributions demonstrate a commitment to making a positive difference in society through philanthropy.

Advocacy for social causes

Advocating for social causes, Luka Doncic has utilized his platform to raise awareness and promote change on issues such as racial justice, immigrant rights, and access to healthcare. His social activism has made a significant impact on advocacy movements by inspiring others to take action and speak out against injustice.

Through his charitable donations and public statements, he has become an influential voice in the fight for equality and human rights. Doncic’s advocacy for social causes reflects his commitment to using his fame and fortune for the greater good of society.

As a role model for young people around the world, Doncic’s actions serve as an inspiration that anyone can make a difference by speaking up for what is right and just. The impact of Luka Doncic’s social activism will be felt for years to come as more people are encouraged to get involved in creating positive change in their communities.

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Community involvement

Community involvement has been a significant aspect of Luka Doncic’s life, as evidenced by his participation in over 50 community events and initiatives since joining the NBA. One interesting statistic is that he spent 15 hours volunteering with local organizations during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago, demonstrating his commitment to giving back to the communities that support him. Doncic also actively seeks out volunteer opportunities and participates in various local outreach programs throughout Dallas. His involvement extends beyond just showing up for photo ops; he genuinely cares about making a difference and uses his platform to raise awareness for important causes such as mental health and cancer research. Through his consistent efforts to better the lives of those around him, Luka Doncic sets an example for athletes and celebrities alike on how they can use their influence to create positive change in their communities.

Youth ProgramsHosted basketball clinics for underprivileged children through Mavs FoundationProvides access to sport and mentorship
Social CausesAdvocated for mental health awareness through “Mind Over Matter”campaign with Michael PhelpsRaises awareness about importance of mental health
Charity WorkParticipated in multiple charity events including Shooting Stars Benefit Game & Dirk Nowitzki Pro Celebrity Tennis ClassicRaises funds for charitable organizations
Local Outreach ProgramsVolunteered with North Texas Food Bank & Salvation Army during COVID-19 pandemicSupports local communities during difficult times
Environmental CausesPartnered with Trex Company on plastic recycling initiative & participated in beach clean-up effortRaise awareness on environmental impact & promotes sustainability efforts.

Anamaria’s Future Plans and Goals

Anamaria has expressed her aspirations for higher education and a career in the fashion industry. She has shared that she wants to pursue a degree in fashion design or merchandising, with hopes of eventually launching her own clothing line.

Anamaria’s interest in fashion dates back to her childhood, where she often enjoyed dressing up and experimenting with different styles. Her passion for this industry is evident through the numerous photos she shares on social media showcasing various outfits and accessories.

Additionally, Anamaria has mentioned wanting to use her platform as an influencer to promote more sustainable and ethical practices within the fashion world. With her drive and determination, it is clear that Anamaria has a bright future ahead of her in this field, and we can expect great things from her ‘where next?’ mentality towards achieving her goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Luka Doncic’s favorite color?

Luka Doncic’s favorite color is unknown, but his fashion choices suggest he favors bold and vibrant colors. Color psychology suggests that an athlete’s preferred hue can affect their mood and performance. Comparing his style to other NBA stars shows individuality.

What is Anamaria Goltes’ favorite food?

Anamaria Goltes’ favorite food and restaurants remain unknown. However, exploring various cuisines and dining destinations could uncover her preferences. The audience can satisfy their subconscious desires for freedom through culinary adventures.

How many siblings does Anamaria Goltes have?

Anamaria Goltes’ family background suggests that she has at least one sibling, however, the specific number is unknown. Her modeling career has been successful and she has worked with renowned brands such as Maybelline and Gucci.

What is Luka Doncic’s shoe size?

Luka Doncic’s shoe size is 13 (US). Interesting facts reveal that his feet are larger than the average NBA player. However, they are smaller compared to players such as Shaquille O’Neal and Yao Ming who wear size 23 and 18 shoes respectively.

What is Anamaria Goltes’ favorite book?

There is no information available about Anamaria Goltes’ favorite book or how it has influenced her life. Further research may be necessary to uncover any insights into her literary preferences and their impact on her personal growth.


Anamaria Goltes is a Slovenian model and influencer who rose to fame for her relationship with NBA player Luka Doncic. She has an impressive following on social media, and her fans admire her for her fashion sense and philanthropic efforts. Anamaria is also known for being supportive of Luka’s career, often attending his games and cheering him on from the sidelines.

Despite being in the public eye, Anamaria maintains a private life outside of her relationship with Luka. She enjoys traveling, fitness, and spending time with family and friends. Additionally, she has shown a passion for giving back to the community through various charity events.

In the future, Anamaria plans to continue pursuing her modeling career while also exploring other opportunities that come her way. She hopes to use her platform to inspire others and make a positive impact on the world.

As we reflect on Anamaria’s journey thus far, it is clear that she has made a name for herself in both the fashion industry and philanthropic space. Her dedication to supporting Luka’s career while also pursuing her own goals is admirable. As she continues to make strides in these areas, we can expect great things from this talented young woman.

Anachronism: Despite living in an era where social media dominates our lives, Anamaria Goltes manages to maintain a sense of privacy while still capturing the hearts of millions around the world.

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