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Who is the owner of Park View City Islamabad?


Located in Islamabad’s zone IV, the CDA has approved Vision Group’s Park View City as a lovely place to call home. Investors have flocked to this development for the luxury homes because of the breathtaking scenery and first-rate facilities. Park View’s Main Boulevard is 400 feet wide, providing easy access from the motorway into town. In addition, both Kurri Road and Bani gala provide quick and simple access.

It’s designed to be the ideal neighborhood for families looking for a safe, forward-thinking community with beautiful scenery. Moreover, it is important to balance a personal and professional life balance and that’s exactly what the Park View City developers have managed to achieve. Ticking all the right, needed and wanted boxes by the investors, the Vision Group (developers) are truly maneuvering a right and unique way for the future. 

Location Accessibility

Among many other benefits and attractive features, the exceptionally and highly ideal location of Park View City is there. There are a few things that sets the project apart and easily accessible location is one surely of them. Here are some of the details about how seamless it is.

From the

  • Serena Hotel Islamabad
  • Bahria Enclave
  • Bani Gala

you can reach Park View City in 15 minutes; from there, it’s only a 5-minute drive to the beautiful Botanical Garden, which is only a 1-minute walk away. From Chak Shahzad, you may go there in 8 kilometers by Park Road and Kuri Road.

Owner of Park View City

The Vision Group included cutting-edge architectural design and cutting-edge building technologies into the planning of Park View City Islamabad. In addition, Mr. Aleem Khan isthe owner of Park View city, who is also been a former active member of PTI, owns Vision group. What’s more, this development has quickly become Islamabad’s most popular residential area.

Moreover, it is also the very first real estate project by the vision group and hopefully to be followed up by many. Furthermore, seeing the exceptional success, hype and high response from the consumers, investors, and end-users alike – the future is everything bright.

History of Owners and Developers

The history of the Vision Group (Owner – Aleem Khan), is diversified, exceptionally skilled and experienced. The impeccable firm was founded back in 2012 with a vision like never before. After delving into the real estate industry, the developers took upon the challenge of molding the living standards and shaping them into completely international level.

Therefore, considering all the projects and developments completed by Vision Group in more than a decade, it is only apt to say that a novel approach and promising standards have been achieved. The sheer and utter trust, assurance, and confidence that masses show in the firm is simply next to perfection.

Well, Park View City is one such another fine example. The sheer excellence exudes from its very corners, thus, making all the potential investors dream of a much secure, lucrative, and promising future.


It’s all about the teamwork to achieve the ultimate goals of the company. Park View City is a meg a project which means that a gamut of departments needs special attention, intricacies, and a whole lot of work. Therefore, all the skilled architects, planners, and engineers at Vision Group have managed to achieve a goal simply next to perfection.


Whether it is about the planning, execution/development, advertising, to even booking, everything is immaculate and magnificent. It is because the management has been working tirelessly – day in and day out. Therefore, the credit is precisely due for Vision Group. For the society, well, because of its convenient location, attractive master plan, and rapid rate of growth, Park View City Islamabad is currently the most sought-after housing project in the area. For more information, contact Estate Land Marketing to guide you more.



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