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Why is Green Tea So Popular for Health and Fitness?

Does a cup of tea make you feel fresh every morning? However, the type of tea you drink makes a difference in your health. Green tea especially is the most nutritious beverage and provides several health benefits. 

The unfermented, unprocessed leaves add an emerald green colour to your drink. Rich in plant-based compounds, green tea provides a significant dietary value. 

Green tea is a low-calorie drink

When you prepare plain teas with hot water, the calorie count per cup is 2 to 3 cal. Green tea and different herbal teas are plain teas that you can serve without milk and sugar. That is why they are the best substitutes for caffeinated drinks and sugar-loaded fruit juices.

Promote the fat-burning process

Green tea has the potential to accelerate your metabolism positively. However, you should also do resistance and aerobic exercises to get better results. If you have created a weight loss exercise schedule, you may include green tea in your diet chart.

Contain protective compounds: polyphenols

Polyphenols are special compounds to safeguard your body from diseases. They are antioxidant compounds present in different fruits and veggies. So, if you drink green tea, you will benefit from polyphenols and flavonoids (bioactive compounds).

Safe for consumers with lactose intolerance

For some people, the gut cannot digest lactose in dairy products and milk. But, you can brew your green tea without adding milk. The most potent natural antioxidants for preventing cell damage and preserving heart function are found in green tea’s catechins. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that you might experience by simply drinking it.

Lower the risk of high blood sugar

Polyphenols in green tea have the potential to control digestive enzymes (lactase). They also reduce the glucose uptake in your gut.

When polyphenols remain unabsorbed in your large intestine, gut bacteria break them down. So, they provide the best fuel source for your beneficial bacteria. It will lead to improved gut function in your body.

Boost your attention and transform your mood

Natural stimulants in your green tea include caffeine. Still, the caffeine level is low when compared to coffee. However, you can stay focused and alert when you drink green tea.

The herbal tea also promotes your mood if you drink it regularly. The L-theanine amino acid in herbal tea provides a soothing effect. It will increase your serotonin for a better mood.

More useful tips for green tea consumers

  • Do not drink more than 6 cups of green tea in a day.
  • Avoid drinking tea before going to your bed.
  • Never drink green tea when you have an empty stomach, as tannins can cause nausea.
  • Consumers with anaemia can avoid drinking green tea.
  • Do not sip the green tea when you have some other meals. Your food’s nutrients may not be absorbed easily.

These few simple tips will help you create a perfect diet routine. Add Japanese green tea to your daily beverage and find a range of benefits. Make sure you have purchased high-quality branded tea.



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