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Being In A Married Life: Challenges, Counseling, and Reconnecting

Being married is something that people ask for, people tend to not talk about, or people are just tired because of the idea of it. Marriage is when couples begin to realize that they want to live with each other forever and seal the relationship that they have with each other. This article describes every stage of marriage, may it be sweet, cruel, or even the confusion that couples encounter along the way. Having this type of solution for themselves can help them achieve something or even have the strongest bond between them. This discussion can also go around the question of how much you know about your couple and how can you deal with them when it comes to the problems that might arise. Typically, there is a passionate fire early in the relationship, which generates a desire to learn everything there is to know about your new spouse. With that being said, Here are scenarios where you can reconnect, strengthen, and make your relationship long-lasting.

Married Life

There will always be a time when you’ll think you know it all when it comes to your partner. You know when they’ll get mad, you know when they’ll wake up, what their likes and dislikes are, and many more. The fact is that you constantly evolve, adapt, and change, this is also a sign that there will be more changes along the way even though they are the same person that you married. Just put it this way, You and your spouse can take the time to get to know one another as you grow older, but you will lose touch with who your partner is, this is because even though they keep changing through the years, they’re still the one you married and you need to accept that no matter what. These are typical scenarios that can be a good thing to hold on to:

  • You can always have this communication between the two of you, yes some secrets shouldn’t be unveiled sometimes but if you truly love someone then you can be an open book and the trust should always be in between no matter what happens
  • Problems should be talked about and not just shoved under the rug. Painful to talk about but it is what it is. Problems are a bad thing and this is awkward to say but, it makes a couple strong, they fight battles, they get scars, they heal, and they fight again. But as long as they are together fighting for their relationship then that’s the best way to go through it.
  • Always set your priorities, and talk about every goal that can be achieved. Never force them to happen, build them up, and go through the right path. It does not matter if it’s slow as long there is progress then no one can stop the both of you.

After thinking of these scenarios and all of them fit, you’re still empty. Then maybe you’re just lost in the middle, maybe you don’t feel the spark of your relationship anymore. Well guess what, fire will always extinguish but you can always light it up again in any method that you can think of. Giving up is never an option as the one that gives you strength is already beside you and maybe both of you just need some guidance.

Options for Counseling

There will be a time when everything just confuses the both of you that you might need a mediator just to be in the clear. Just remember that every relationship will have its challenges. It might be done in a simple or difficult method. Couple counseling may help with conflict resolution, which is the best strategy to solve this problem. Sometimes it’s as simple as identifying who is in control of the remote or allocating tasks; other times, you’ll just know you’re in the wrong or your spouse is in the wrong. There will always be days when your pride takes precedence and you need someone to smack you back to reality. This is also a typical issue for couples, especially if their aspirations are gradually disintegrating or diverging. This is very normal and should be discussed regularly. Counselors can discover methods to make ends meet while going through a ridiculous yet fantastic period of humor. Even if everything is light, you still learn your lesson after the session. Maybe’s time to let go of stuffy assumptions and embrace a therapeutic setting more akin to a comedy club than a hospital. This cannot be the case if the problem is connected to health, thus always consult a doctor if the issue is related to health. If not, the funny beginning of a love tale that will make you snort with delight may be discovered in New York couples counseling. Take your partner’s hand in yours, unleash your inner laughing monsters, and utilize this as the beginning point for a funny love tale. You could learn that laughter is beneficial. 

Let It Spark Again 

After counseling maybe the both of you need a breather. Always remember that both of you are humans that need rest. You can book something like a simple date, or even just lay in bed all night. Even both of you can do whatever you like as long as you don’t cross the boundaries. You can go out alone or with your spouse because sometimes going into another perspective makes you realize that there might be something missing that you need to do again and it might work. Sometimes you can treat each other as best friends because sometimes, it feels like friends have much deeper bonds than married couples. Some couples tend to keep secrets from their spouses that their friends know. Maybe it’s a white lie or something but at the end of the day you’re still not telling something and it will bother you always. As what was said, you can always communicate because you’re partners in crime for the rest of your life and you should never have this invisible wall that breaks the both of you apart. 


Being locked up with another person is not the idea of marriage, it is having someone that you know will always be there by your side even when all is forlorn. This is having someone that can completely understand you even if you slightly change because of time. Keeping your mind clear before talking and communicating is the best feeling that you can give to your spouse. After all, you can easily distinguish if what you’re saying is right, or just being said because you want to win a battle that’s never been there. This isn’t like Bridgerton in where you can live in a fantasy. Always remember that reality hurts but at least it is true and you can learn from it completely. Both of you should never settle for anything less because that is where your relationship dies. You can always have someone that you can talk to, or they can just listen to what the both of you want to say. There will always be hope and both of you should always hold on to that.

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